JUST | 12+


Book by Fred Ebb & Bob Fosse
Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
German version by Erika Gesell & Helmut Baumann

Chicago in the 1920s. The story begins when Roxy Hart, an unsuccessful vaudeville dancer, shoots her lover, Fred Casely, as he attempts to break off an affair with her. While in custody, she shares a jail cell with Velma Kelly, also arrested for murder. The corrupt warden Mama Morton takes the two under her wing and arranges for them to meet star lawyer Billy Flynn. With the help of tabloid journalist Mary Sunshine, Roxy succeeds in becoming a media star as a "jazz murderess". Both are driven by jealousy and rivalry – not only for a career in the limelight, but also in the upcoming trial, because for both Roxy and Velma, nothing less than their own freedom is at stake.

"Chicago" offers everything that defines Broadway and the West End: a gripping story line and intoxicating rhythms. To date, the award-winning musical has thrilled more than 31 million visitors in 36 countries. With over 30,000 performances and a record-breaking run of over 22 years in New York and 15 years in London, the show's credentials speak for themselves. With "Chicago", Kander and Ebb created a blockbuster hit musical filled with shady, dazzling characters and songs like "All That Jazz" and "Cell Block Tango", which have become deserved staples of the genre.


Director & Choreographer Iris Limbarth
Musical Director Frank Bangert
Stage Design Britta Lammers
Costume Design Heike Korn


Premiere | Youth State MusicalKleines Haus19:30