Florentina Holzinger

The classical ballerina is a symbol of perfection. She doesn’t perform as a mirror of reality, she performs to show us the most radical form of beauty: harmony, balance, perfect rhythm. A body without compromise, defying all inadequacies, everything coincidental and uncontrollable. A body that endures pain and has learned to accept it in training drills. According to Florentina Holzinger this is an attractive and abhorrent process at the same time. Holzinger is a dancer and choreographer and currently one of today’s the most sought-after young performers. In her work, she deliberately plays with pushing the boundaries between high culture and entertainment, and questions contemporary images of the body, sometimes using graphic vulgarity.
Together Holzinger and her performer, a ballerina, create the polar opposite to radical beauty in the wild chaos of the old Passage. Surrounded by rubbish, the smell of decay and traces of past lives, the two dancers attempt the futile but stirring work of perfection.


Florentina Holzinger, Stefan Schneider, Nikola Knecinevic, Lenneke Vos, Mara Kirchberg