Die Riesen vom Berge

The Mountain Giants
By Luigi Pirandello
Performed in German
Sa, 08.06.2024
PremiereKleines Haus19:30
Pirandello's prolific writing career was unusual in that he had already earned a considerable reputation as a poet and prose author before turning to theatre relatively late in his life.

"The Mountain Giants" is a complex work, further complicated by having been left unfinished by Luigi Pirandello. The action takes place in the fantastic Villa Scalogna, inhabited by a grotesque group of people led by Cotrone, a wizard and illusionist. Into this scene comes a band of actors, about to perform one of Pirandello's own plays. The Mountain Giants was first produced at the National Theatre in the summer of 1993.


Director Ingo Kerkhof
Stage Design Hana Ramujkic
Costume Design Britta Leonhardt
Music Felix Kroll
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens


PremiereKleines Haus19:30