Ein Sommernachtstraum

A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare
Performed in German
We, 28.09.2022
Grosses Haus19:30
One might be forgiven for taking issue with an Athens where a father is prepared to kill his daughter if she doesn't marry the man he has chosen for her. Luckily there is a magical forest nearby where the young people can take refuge during the balmy summer nights. But this forest is inhabited by fairies and elves who manipulate the humans and engage in their own domestic intrigue. Here, the law of the elves prevail and everyone falls in love with everyone. Another subplot revolves around a group of six amateur actors rehearsing a play which they are to perform before the wedding.

Following his acclaimed productions of "Shockheaded Peter" and "Tyll", Tilo Nest returns to Wiesbaden to direct a new production of Shakespeare's much-loved "A Midsummer Night's Dream".


Director Tilo Nest
Stage Design Robert Schweer
Costume Design Anne Buffetrille, Mirjam Ruschka
Video Eduardo Mayorga
Music Vera Mohrs, Kostia Rapoport
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens
Learning & Participation Laura zur Nieden
Theseus / Oberon Michael Birnbaum
Hippolyta / Titania Christina Tzatzaraki
Egeus / Elf Martin Plass
Lysander Paul Simon
Demetrius Tobias Lutze
Hermia Maria Wördemann
Helena Klara Wördemann
Philostrate / Droll Rainer Kühn
Petra Quince Ingrid Domann
Nick Bottom Matze Vogel
Tradespeople Lena Hilsdorf, Noah L. Perktold, Marlene-Sophie Haagen, Philipp Steinheuser