Fr, 12.11.2021
German premiere | Tanzfestival Rhein-MainKunsthaus Wiesbaden20:00 - 20:50

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we are more than ever enclosed in media structures – just like the outstanding dancer Esther Baio in Willi Dorner’s new choreography. As an analogue and at the same time digital existence, she is one like you and me and, as a user, is transformed into images to become a self-staging avatar. Even after a good year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still depend on communication structures, on media that do not allow us direct contact and force new forms of communication on us. As a performer, Baio masterfully penetrates the contradictions between her body and media such as images, video, text or music, in a mad game between isolation and a lustful staging of the dazzling floods of images that we produce.


Dance Esther Baio
Concept & Choreography Willi Dorner


Cie Willi Dorner is supported by the city of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Division Arts and Culture.