JUST | 14+


Book by Tom Hadley & Robert Cary
Music by Robbie Roth
Lyrics by Robert Cary & Robbie Roth
German version by Anja Hauptmann

Photo: Brigitte Werner (Pixabay) / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
The 18-year-old Alex Owens works as a welder during the day. In the evening, she tries to get a little closer to her big dream and dances in a nightclub. She longs for independence, for the love of her life and for admission into the Shipley Academy. However, she lacks the professional dance training to get in. When there is a spark between Alex and her boss Nick Hurley, he decides to help her and arranges an audition. Now Alex has the chance to prove herself and convince the jury of her quality as a dancer...

The film "Flashdance" was a box office hit in 1983 and the soundtrack became one of the best-selling albums in the world, selling over 20 million copies. Five number one hits from the soundtrack can also be found in the musical: "What a feeling", "Maniac ", "Gloria", "Manhunt" and "I love Rock 'n' Roll".


Direction & Choreography Iris Limbarth
Musical Director Frank Bangert
Musical Supervisor Ulrich Bareiss
Stage Design Britta Lammers
Costume Design Heike Korn
Assistant Choreographer & Dance Captain Anna Okunowski
Band Ulrich Bareiss, Holger Dietz, Jürgen Dorn, Eduardo Sabella, Patrick Hoss, Jens Mackenthun, Joachim Braun, Jens Hunstein, Stephan Völker, Bodo Christmann
Alex Owens Denia Gilberg, Angelina Krauß
Nick Hurley Tim Speckhardt, Rainer Maaß
Tess Victoria Pfitzner, Anna Okunowski
Kiki Lilli Trosien, Rosa Alice Abruscato
Gloria Viktoria Reese, Melodi Yurtsever
Jimmy Cecinho Feiertag, Jan Volpert
Hannah Meike Roth, Katharina Hoffmann
Joe / C.C. Daniel Windrich
Andy Serafin Kopp, Jan Rieß
Harry Nick Witmar
Louise / Ballet Mistress / Secretary Luna Lange, Vivienne Vincon
Ms. Wilde / Secretary / Destiny Marei Bär, Beatrice Marie Schmidt
Mrs. Miller / Ferrari Felicitas Reinbacher
Candy Girl / Ballet Mistress Elena Leitner
Prima Ballerina / Honey Beatrice Marie Schmidt, Marei Bär
Suzy / Secretary Merve Senol
Baby Jane / Secretary Hannah Stehling
Lucky / Cleaing Lady Lotta Liebau
Lolita / Cleaning Lady Zoe Krawinkel
Daisy Rosa Alice Abruscato, Lilli Trosien
Patricia Vivienne Vincon, Luna Lange
Petula Anna Okunowski, Victoria Pfitzner
Dan, Worker 1 Karim Oukail
Ray, Worker 2 Marius Simon
Robert, Worker 3 / Primo Ballerino Lars Hofmann
Dave, Worker 4 / Errand Boy Nis Hansen
Charly, Worker 5 Jan Volpert, Cecinho Feiertag
James, Worker 6 Jan Rieß, Serafin Kopp
Alex as a child Malou Shehu, Paula Czajor
Ensemble Rosa Alice Abruscato, Marei Bär, Cecinho Feiertag, Nis Hansen, Lars Hofmann, Serafin Kopp, Zoe Krawinkel, Luna Lange, Elena Leitner, Lotta Liebau, Anna Okunowski, Karim Oukail, Victoria Pfitzner, Felicitas Reinbacher, Jan Rieß, Beatrice Marie Schmidt, Merve Senol, Marius Simon, Hannah Stehling, Lilli Trosien, Vivienne Vincon, Jan Volpert, Daniel Windrich, Nick Witmar


Premiere | Youth State MusicalKleines Haus18:00
* The premiere has been rescheduled and will now take place on 8 October 2023. *
Youth State MusicalKleines Haus19:30 - 22:30
Youth State MusicalKleines Haus18:00
Sold out / leftover tickets at the box office
Youth State MusicalKleines Haus18:00
Sold out / leftover tickets at the box office
Youth State MusicalKleines Haus19:30