By Henrik Ibsen
Performed in German

Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts" was one of the most scandalous pieces of the 19th century, depicting a deeply rotten and bigoted society whose actions stood in stark contradiction with its so-called morals. The author's contemporaries did not like what was brought out from under the carpet: adultery, alcoholism, venereal disease, and even implied incest. In the long run, however, no one could escape the force of Ibsen's revelations, and the "ghosts" began their triumphal procession onto the stages of the world, becoming the very epitome of naturalistic drama.


Director Johannes Lepper
Stage Designer Doreen Back
Costume Designer Sabine Wegmann
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens
Helene Alving Anne Lebinsky
Osvald Tobias Lutze
Manders Michael Birnbaum
Jakob Engstrand Uwe Kraus
Regine Engstrand Lina Habicht