Opera, JUST | 5+


Opera by Leonard Evers
Performed in German in a version by Barbara Buri
Libretto: Flora Verbrugge based on the Grimm Brothers
Su, 29.05.2022
Premiere | Youth OperaStudio15:00
Jacob lives by the sea with his parents. However, they are so poor that they cannot even afford shoes or a house. But one day, when Jacob goes fishing with his father, he catches a very special fish. It grants him every wish, if only he agrees to let it live. Jacob's first wish is a new pair of shoes, but when his parents find out about the fish, the wishes grow bigger and bigger: a house, a caste with staff, holidays, a private beach complete with palm trees! The wishes carry grave consequences, because the greater their greed, the thinner the fish becomes and the wilder the sea...

In »Gold!«, Leonard Evers imaginatively puts Grimm's fairy tale »The Fisherman and his Wife« to music. A poetic and profound children's opera about poverty, arrogance and the good fortune of being content.


Premiere | Youth OperaStudio15:00