Drama, JUST | 6+
Christmas Fairytale

Kleiner König Kalle Wirsch

Little King Kalle Wirsch
By Tilde Michels
Adapted for the stage by Dirk Schirdewahn

Jenny and Max are looking for a special Christmas present for their beloved grandfather. In a small pottery shop, they find themselves drawn to a lovely little garden gnome with sparking eyes. What they don't yet know is that Kalle Wirsch, the King of the Little People, finds himself trapped inside the gnome. This is the evil work of the treacherous Zoppo Trump, who imprisoned Kalle so that he could topple him from this thrown and become the new ruler. Jenny and Max manage to free Kalle Wirsch and, together, they set off on a treacherous journey into the realm of the Little People to thwart Zoppo Trump's evil plans. On their way, they have to overcome many obstacles.


Kalle Wirsch Andreas Gießer
Jenny Otiti Engelhardt
Max Philipp Steinheuser
Zoppo Trump / Kohlenjuke Martin Bringmann
Tutulla / Ferryman Sophie Pompe
Spider Lena Merle
Rat / Guard Vanessa Bolder
Bolle Michael Graf
Musician Timo Willecke, Lucas Dillmann


Premiere | Youth DramaGrosses Haus11:00