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Operetta Gala

»Wär’ es auch nichts als ein Traum von Glück!«

Günther Groissböck
Photo: Dominik Stixenberger
Elissa Huber
Photo: Carolin Weinkop
Thomas Blondelle
Photo: Simon Pauly
Thomas Rösner

"Long live the operetta" is the title of a book by Volker Klotz published a few years ago. And who could argue that the operetta is dead? After all, this art form is alive with countless immortal melodies: decadent, rebellious, cheeky and cynical. The Operetta Gala at the International May Festival takes us on a journey from Offenbach to Johann Strauss and Franz Lehár. As one of the most sough-after basses of our time, Günther Groissböck regularly performers the great Wagner roles at leading theatres worldwide. But, as an Austrian, operetta is in his blood. Together with Elissa Huber and Thomas Blondelle, he takes us through some of the highlights of the past 200 years of operetta and opera history. The concert is conducted by Thomas Rösner.


International May FestivalGrosses Haus19:30