JUST | 14+


Participation project for everyone aged 14 and over
Fr, 07.06.2024
Premiere | Theatre Club | Participate!Wartburg19:30 - 20:50
Photo: Unsplash / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
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Who am I really? Am I the same person at all stages of my life? Who am I to others in my life? Do others make me who I am?

Taking Virgina Woolf's novel "Orlando" as a starting point, a play will be developed at the Wartburg around questions of identity and society. The ensemble is to consists of people resident in Wiesbaden and the surrounding regions, ranging from age 14 upwards. While previous acting experience is recommended, is not as important as the desire to get involved in this joint project. Following a kick-off workshop in December 2023, regular rehearsals will commence in January 2024, while intensive final rehearsals will take place in May 2024.


Director Anne Tysiak, Laura zur Nieden
Movement Nira Priore Nouak
Music Johannes Bartmes
Stage Design Lars Werneke, Studierende des Studiengangs Innenarchitektur der Hochschule RheinMain (Nadine Fauß, Jule Sielaff, Franka Bogner, Celina Marie Dreetz, Alexandra Tiroga, Schbnam Qaiumi; Leitung: Prof. Johannes Kiefer)
Costume Design Nathalie Meyer
Video Willow Art & Media
Drag-King-Workshop & Coaching Gender as Performanc Stephanie Weber
Helga Arteaga, Jule Elsa Bänsch, Lena Becker, Delina Berhe Abraha, Karin Blachnik, Esma Deliter, Klara Fitek, Leo Gehring, Else Keutmann, Brigitte Miller, Barbara Nink-Dormann, Bärbel Nisch, Stephan Reinbacher, Evi Rohde, Sofia Sand Arroyo, Juliane Schmidt, Bettina Stern, Malin Sürek, Anette Villnow, Victoria Wühle, Sophie Zeitel


Premiere | Theatre Club | Participate!Wartburg19:30 - 20:50
Theatre Club | Participate!Wartburg18:00 - 19:20
Theatre Club | Participate!Wartburg19:30 - 20:50