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Paganini – Der Pakt mit dem Teufel

The Pact with the Devil
Works by Niccolò Paganini, Giuseppe Tartini, Franz Schubert & Franz Liszt
German language.
Sa, 04.05.2024
Reading | International May FestivalFoyer Grosses Haus15:00 - 17:00
Chris Pichler
Photo: Valerie Voithofer
Benjamin Herzl
Photo: Andrej Grilc
Ingmar Lazar
Photo: Jean-Marc Goudon

When the extraordinary violinist Paganini died of tuberculosis in Nice on 27 May 1840, it was clear to everyone that he was no ordinary man. Certainly he had to be in cahoots with the devil - after all, one clergyman claimed that Paganini himself had assured him that there was a devil in his violin! Under no circumstances was this man to be buried in the church. So the body was preserved, put on display, temporarily stored in an old barrel in an oil mill, and finally - after paying a considerable sum to the church - secretly buried at night in a field 36 years later.

Chris Pichler tells the incredible story and life of the "Devil's Violinist", while Benjamin Herzl plays Paganini's breakneck caprices and virtuoso works by his contemporaries and Ingmar Lazar devotes himself to Liszt's famous arrangement of "La Campanella", a bravura piece for solo piano.


Text Chris Pichler
Violin Benjamin Herzl
Piano Ingmar Lazar