JUST | 6+
Family Production


By Carlo Collodi
Performed in German

Desperate to have a child, Geppetto carves the wooden child Pinocchio. Thanks to his fairy godmother, Pinocchio comes to life, but he first has to prove himself to become a real person. But Pinocchio is naive, tells lies and soon gets himself intro trouble when he meets mischievous characters like the Cat and the Fox. After a series of exciting adventures and through Geppetto's love, Pinocchio finally undergoes a magical transformation.


Director Emel Aydoğdu
Stage Design Eva Lochner
Costume Design Louise-Fee Nitschke
Music Sebastian Maier
Dramaturgy Anne Tysiak
Learning & Participation Rebecca Rasche


Premiere | Family ProductionGrosses Haus11:00
* Pre-sale date to be announced *