Ballet, JUST | 6+


A dance work by Tim Plegge

Photo: Regina Brocke
Children are faced with a myriad of challenging situations every day, many of which require a good dose of courage and daring. Some situations must either be embraced, accepted or overcome. Jumping from a tree that seems to high? Climb to the very top of the jungle gym and call down to the other kids, "you'll never dare to do that!", or run as fast as you can until your whole body hurts, then stick out your tongue at the all-knowing adults. What limits are we able to overcome - both of body and mind - through courage and a healthy portion of cheekiness? And what sensations are created in our bodies? For this new dance piece, ballet director Tim Plegge and dancers from the Hessian State Ballet embark on a journey into the world of school children, who sometimes dare too much, and often too little. By providing a new piece for the age group 6 years and up, the piece further expands the Youth Ballet repertoire.


Choreography Tim Plegge
Dramaturgy Lucas Herrmann
Dance Learning & Participation Nira Priore Nouak