Tod vor der Kamera

By Felix Strüven
Performed in German.
Tu, 07.05.2024
IMF ExtrasStudio19:30 - 20:30
Tod vor der Kamera
Photo: Tobias Schrödel

When Wiesbaden detective Biebrich and her colleague Claas Klarenthal are called back to the scene of a crime, they can hardly believe their eyes: It's the attempted murder of a famous actress who starred in Klarenthal's favourite TV series. Naturally, the two detectives set out to find clues, but who could be behind this terrible murder? A former colleague from the show, an ex-husband of the actress or even a crazy fan? Suddenly, something unexpected happens: to get even closer to the diva, she hires Klarenthal as her bodyguard! Klarenthal can hardly believe his luck and is speechless with joy! But his happiness doesn't last long. A threatening letter arrives saying that the assassin intends to strike again. The detectives will have to keep a cool head to prevent this from happening. Where will the killer wait for the actress? At her garden party? At an important award ceremony? Or at her book signing? Everyone involved is faced with a mystery. Can our detectives prevent the murder?


Concept & Direction Felix Strüven
With Lina Habicht, Evelyn Faber, Sybille Weiser, Dirk Hardegen, Felix Strüven