Built in Neo-Baroque style by the famous Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, construction of the theatre was initiated and financed by Emperor Wilhelm II and opened in his presence on 16 October 1894.

Wiesbaden city architect Felix Genzmer's magnificent Foyer extension was opened in 1902, while between 1975 - 1978 the auditorium of the Großes Haus (Main Theatre), with its half-sculptures, stucco work and glorious ceiling fresco, was faithfully restored.

Under Prussian Director Georg von Hülsen (1893-1903) the theatre had to make do with only one venue, the Großes Haus (Main Theatre). Nowadays, apart from the Main Theatre (seating 1041), the complex also boasts the Kleines Haus (Small Theatre, with 272 seats), a Studio (89 seats) and its external venue in Schwalbacher Street, the Wartburg (seating 154).